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  • “We have been DV-IP customers for over 10 years. In those years, we have never been disappointed with the exceptional quality of service we have received.”

    Stuart Hunter, MD - CF Environmental
  • “...As a company we are very proactive in visiting our clients and the excellent communication systems provided by DV-IP.com have been key to our growth over the last decade.”

    Barry Stopford, Senior Partner - Watson and Stopford
  • “...Thanks to you and your team, our system was fully functional on the Monday after our weekend move.”

    Mike Cowley - Cape Cowley Associates

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Why Choose Voice over IP (VoIP)?

At its most basic, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology enables the use of the Internet and/or your computer network to transmit your telephone calls.

VoIP has come a long way since its introduction in 1995 and has now been adopted universally as a reliable telecommunication technology.

Revolutionary features of Voice over IP technology redefine possibilities when it comes to communication, imagine.

  • you travel frequently between your offices, your phone extension remains the same
  • your business size has tripled, you haven’t had to replace your phone system
  • your business has a London phone number even though your office is in Manchester

Benefits VoIP can offer are only limited by its application, in general terms these are:

  • Significant reduction in call costs
  • Exciting and practical advanced communication features
  • Reduced complexity, enhanced efficiency and unprecedented flexibility

Why Choose DV-IP VoIP solutions?

Recognising the impact of technological changes in the delivery of voice and data communications, and using the feed back from it's extensive customer base, DV-IP has invested heavily in VOIP solutions, with more than 40 client companies currently using the technology.

DV-IP was an early adopter and is able to give any organisation an honest appraisal of both the benefits and possible pitfalls of VOIP platforms.

These new technologies require new skill sets, and DV-IP maintain a rolling programme to keep its staff and customers at the leading edge of what these ground breaking technologies have to offer.

Contact us now to discover how Voice over IP technology can benefit your business with an obligation free evaluation session.

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