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  • “We have been DV-IP customers for over 10 years. In those years, we have never been disappointed with the exceptional quality of service we have received.”

    Stuart Hunter, MD - CF Environmental
  • “...As a company we are very proactive in visiting our clients and the excellent communication systems provided by DV-IP.com have been key to our growth over the last decade.”

    Barry Stopford, Senior Partner - Watson and Stopford
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    Mike Cowley - Cape Cowley Associates

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Call Cost ReductionCall Cost Reduction

Regardless of the phone technology employed, DV-IP has a strong focus on reducing overall telecommunication costs for particularly the SME market and most significantly with multi-site organisations. Excellent results and savings have been delivered to businesses with traditional fixed line/PABX, Call Centre, VoIP and Hosted Voice Solutions. Savings can often come in a variety of ways, so DV-IP utilises its extensive experience and negotiating skills to tailor the best overall solution and package. DV-IP ensures that it keeps pace with this ever changing industry to deliver the best available advice and results to its clients.

Our approach

  1. We help you carry out a detailed spend analysis encompassing Calls and traffic to:

    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Inter site
    • Employees
    • Mobile
    • Land line
    • Broadband
    • VPN

  2. We recommend new tariffs and technology to reduce costs

  3. We enable you to monitor those costs using our Webtel portal available exclusively to DV-IP customers. Webtel provides itemised call data that corresponds specifically to each months call expenditure. Data is presented in chronological order and includes:

    • Date & Time of call
    • Called number
    • Destination Alpha Tag
    • Duration
    • Cost
    • Breakdown chart by local; national; mobile & international traffic

All the above can be viewed online, or downloaded in .pdf format for your records. Via a single screen you can set up variable search parameters and view the results as data, or, charts, which can then be printed or downloaded to archive. Typical searches are:

  • For a call on a specific date or between stated dates
  • Call(s) made to a specific number over a given period
  • Partial number search e.g. 0161 652 xxxx would return all numbers including these digits.
  • List top 25 most expensive calls
  • List calls in excess of a given value
  • Apply the above searches across “ALL”, or, just specific call types e.g mobiles.

Our clients have achieved significant savings by utilising our Webtel service contact us now to reduce your telecommunications costs and arrange a free no obligation spend analysis.

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